Box Estimator Tool FAQs

Does the Box Estimator tool cost anything?

The Box Estimator tool is completely free to use. We created the tool to help people better budget for corrugated packaging, whether they are experienced buyers or small business owners considering custom packaging. We will never ask you for your payment information to use the tool. Additionally, estimate and quote requests submitted through the tool are not contracts and do not bind you to purchase.

What are cutting dies?

Manufacturers use cutting dies to convert flat sheets of corrugated into the packaging you receive. A cutting die consists of various blades and other implements arranged in fixed positions on a base. They can cut out the same design over and over again, making for efficient manufacturing. Not all packaging styles need cutting dies, and some manufacturers have alternative cutting options for smaller orders. However, we include the estimated cutting die cost for those box styles which the majority of manufacturers require cutting dies for. As always, requesting a formal quote will get you more accurate packaging pricing.

What are print plates?

Flexographic printing uses print plates to produce your design. Print plates have raised surfaces, and when manufacturers apply ink to the plate it sticks to these surfaces, like a stamp. The print plate then transfers the ink to your packaging. This allows manufacturers to quickly print the same design over and over again. Every color in your design requires a separate print plate. Print plates add an extra cost upfront, but over long runs the lower cost of Flexographic printing generally pays for the price of the plates.

Who receives my quote requests?

Who receives your quote requests depends on a number of factors. If you are using a Box Estimator partner tool (identifiable by a header with the partner’s logo and contact info), we send your quote request to that company. When you use the generic Box Estimator tool, we use the location and box style you select to determine the best 2-3 manufacturers to receive your quote. If none of our partner manufacturers are located in your area, we send your quote request to manufacturers who service a variety of areas.

How long does it take to get a quote?

Generally, you should expect to hear back from manufacturers within 2-3 business days. Manufacturers may also request more information from you in order to provide you with an accurate quote. This may delay when you receive your formal quote.

I'm a packaging manufacturer. Can I sign up to receive quote requests?

Absolutely! Our partners are what allow us to offer quote requests to people in a large variety of locations. Being a partner is completely free. As a partner, you will not only receive quote requests in your area, but will also be provided with a custom, branded version of the Box Estimator tool. To sign up, fill out our partner application form.